RAK Insurance - Brand Development

Challenge: to re-position and refresh the brand for RAK Insurance.


Solution: BrandNew re-positioned RAK Insurance as an affluent Insurance provider, and then designed all the brand touch points to reflect the new brand positioning.


BrandNew then developed a comprehensive interactive PDF based brand design guidelines manual on how to use the brand elements and brand design system, ensuring all elements of the brand where communicated and re-produced professionally and consistently.


A cloud server was incorporated into the interactive PDF based brand design guidelines manual to help manage and organise the newly designed artwork and template files making the manual easy to use and distribute.

RAK Insurance logo.
RAK Insurance business card.
RAK Insurance magazine advert.
RAK Insurance product brochures.
RAK Insurance website.
RAK Insurance brand guidelines.
RAK Insurance intranet site.
RAK Insurance broker site.
RAK Insurance reception area interior design.
RAK Insurance posters.
RAK Insurance signage.

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